5 Smart Kitchen Devices Designed to Bring about Lifestyle Convenience

From airports and automotive to building smarter homes, sensors and the extensive world of analytics have permeated across everything we use or see around us. So why should the kitchen be treated any differently, or deprived of the perks of an interconnected ecosystem? It only makes sense as we gradually move into an era where expecting your coffee-maker to respond at a single click on your smartphone for a fresh brew is not an unusual thing anymore.

The technology premise today, aided the power of smart connected devices makes it possible to cook a meal simply using your smartphone, even if you’re sitting miles away from home. IoT has allowed people to proactively monitor their kitchen chores right from their mobile devices. The day is not far when you wake up to see your kitchen completely taking care of your needs, and you wouldn’t have to raise a finger.

Companies like LG, Siemens AG, Orange Chef, and Pantelligent are leading the innovation front when it comes to building a smart kitchen. The amalgamation of analytics and IoT will turn this improbable dream into a reality, as your kitchen would become capable of comprehending your day-to-day schedule.

Smart Kitchen Devices: Best Designs

Though some of these futuristic technologies are yet to be brought to life, there are many smart kitchen devices that are up and running. The astonishing part is these devices are well within your budget considerations, and you don’t have to worry about drilling a hole through your pockets to have your very own smart kitchen set up. Let’s walk through some of these game-changing devices, available in India, that you could install in your kitchen to make your life more convenient. The devices are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Amazon Dash Button

Amazon introduced the Dash button to allow you to re-order things easily through the Amazon account. The device finds itself handy in several scenarios, but using it inside your kitchen could probably be counted as the most practical use. Tap on the device, and it would assist you every time you want to purchase more coffee or paper towels, without needing to go out or even actually placing an order online. The device is available in the Amazon store at a price stated $4.99.

  • LG Smart ThinQ cooker

LG launched its precision cooker to make cooking easier and simple. The device incorporates a smart self-cleaning feature that is helpful in case you burnt your baking. The device integrates thousands of pre-set temperature and time-frames, besides easily connecting with the HomeChat app and ecosystem. The most interesting feature of this device is its ability to be easily serviced over internet airwaves utilizing LG’s Smart Diagnosis tool. The device is little expensive, standing at $1,399, but is truly worth the buck.

  • MAID Oven

MAID is a unique smart kitchen product designed a Kochi-based startup. The device is connected to an exclusive recipe store over the internet, which culminates an array of exotic dishes to choose from. A user has the advantage of searching recipes depending on ingredients and type of dish. If you’re still confused or lazy to go through the selection hassle, just let MAID suggest you a dish. The device can also turn out to be your personal dietician, proactively learning the calorific requirements based on your daily cooking habits, and simultaneously suggesting the most balanced diet for you. The device is available at an exclusive price of $449.

  • SmartPlate

This device is the next big thing to adequately monitor your nutrition, furnishing you with a precise estimate about your calorific intake. The device sports three mini cameras along with weight sensors, besides being Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled, completely striving to make your life easier. The SmartPlate observes an individual’s eating habits and alerts them whenever surplus food is served. The device comes with integrated app functionality, which synchronizes with the plate, helping you to keep track of every meal. Moreover, the app can connect with MyFitnessPal and Fitbit, and is priced at $119.

  • WeMo-enabled Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot brings to you the smart slow cooker making the whole idea of cooking convenient and fun at the same. The standout feature of the device lies in the fact that its WeMo enabled, helping you to easily monitor temperature, cook time, and even change settings to attain the right temperature, or even turn off the device, simply utilizing the free WeMo app. Imagine, you are reaching late as you’re stuck somewhere, but you want your food cooked the time you reach home, this is the next-gen smart device you must look forward to. The device is priced considerably at $129.99.

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