Best Top Load Washing Machine in India | 2019 Reviews

The market is full of competition and that is the reason how many varieties of a single item can we find there conveniently. But is that so easy to find out the best one in the list of hundreds? Surely not and especially when we are going to purchase very necessary and efficient home appliances like washing machines.

The article leads you towards one of the best top load washing machines in India, Before that we explained how to choose the best washing machine with in budget.

Reasons to Choose the Top Load Washing Machines:

The choice between the two true legends of washing machines is surely hard to make in. the only way one can make the difference is how you use it. The front-loading machine is surely a champion in terms of international sources. The option is really quite efficient as per water and energy consumption. But when it comes to the Indian market, the top-loading washing machine is really a champion that no one can easily beat in. yet front-loading machines are a great water saver, but it includes longer cycles as compared to the top loaders and hence consumes more electricity.  People living in India prefer to use clean clothes with cold water and hence no electricity is being required for heating water. Moreover, people also don’t prefer to use dryers and hence saving on dryers is also achieved at top-loading machines.

Top loading machines also goes with the budget also. They are quite less expensive than that of the front loading machines and hence seem to be in budget consumer electronics for a lower-middle-class family. When it comes to the convenient user interface, the top-loading machine is surely one of the most ergonomically friendly options one can choose on. Front-loading units always come up with a vertical stack where washer resides on bottom and dryer on the top of the machine. If you are having a bad back, bending over to transfer laundry can turn up to physically exerted for you. Top loading machines allow users to add laundry at waist height and hence save you from repetitive joint stress every time you go for loading the machine.

Top Loading Washing Machine Buying Guide:

Washing machines have turned out to be one of the most need consumer electronics items that you can found almost in every house. Washing machines not only have made it quite easier to save much of your time in washing clothes but also have made these are the water savor option for washing clothes as well. Top loading washing machines have acquired the Indian market and the reason is features like easy to use and electricity saving etc. if you are planning to get the best top loading washing machine for your home, the mentioned buying guide will surely help you to get the best one for you among so many options being present there in the marketplace.

Easy loading: If your back is bad and you are facing difficulty in bending down to load your washing machine, a top loader is surely the right option for you. The lid of the top-loading machines is being present on the top and the users can easily place their laundry basked beside the machine to add their laundry into it. Make sure to check the level of your washing machine to avoid extra bending during loading.

What is the machine size and capacity: Most of the washing machines come up to the size limit of 5 KG to 10 KG. If you are a bachelor or couple, a 5KG machine will surely be the best for you, but if you are having a bigger family, the high capacity model would be quite necessary to choose in. each of the models contains complete information about its dimensions to read them carefully to avoid any confusion in the future.

Wash cycles: Cleaning capacity of a washing machine basically depends upon the factor that how many wash cycles it is making in. more will be the motion of your washing machine better will be the cleaning.

Hard water processing: Most of the Indian consumers got hard water for their household consumption and it is quite difficult to dissolve the detergent in hard water especially when it is being used in the waster. Hard water treatment technology is being introduced various brands in order to tackle the challenge. So make sure to get the one that owns the feature.

Other technologies involved: Bubble wash and drum sanitization are some of the other features one needed to look out while making a perfect selection for the top-loading machine. Moreover, the machine also needed to be featured with an auto detergent dispenser and inverter technology so that users could have better user experience while saving a lot of electricity as well.

Best Top Load Washing Machine in India – Reviews

1.Samsung Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (6.2 kg.)

Samsung is being well known to come up with stable and innovative features and this design also suits well to that label. It is one of the most selling washing machines that include a transparent glass window that makes it quite easy to see through the washing process. Fully loaded with various advanced features like waterfall, filters, and excellent flow makes it quite easy to rinse in the detergent very conveniently. It is an eco-friendly option that comes up with an impressive filter and distinct rum that ensures the clean, hygienic and fresh usage of the machine throughout. The eco tub clean notifies users when needed to be cleaned. The power filtering feature perfectly traps the fluff and dust from fabric so that users could enjoy clean and hygienic wash every time.

What we like: The strong waterfall features offer users a good stain wash and is also quite capable of rinsing the detergent effectively.

Drawback: The introduction process is quite challenging and consumes a lot of time to let it perfectly done.


  • Eco clean usage
  • Amazing filtering action
  • Durable usage
  • Quite affordable
  • Optimal functionality
  • Noiseless operations
  • Clean, fresh and hygienic wash


  • The motor is not up to the mark
  • The installation process is quite challenging
  • Clothes get tangled often
  • Operation time is a little bit slower
  • Not suitable for bigger families

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2. Samsung Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (7.0 Kg)

If your family is the bigger one, this washing machine being offered Samsung is really a great option to choose on. It is a fully automatic 7 Kg washing machine that is perfect to be used for an Indian family. The tempered glass window is the highlight here that can perfectly withstand the extreme pressure to offer stain-free cleaning. Introduction of the magic filter is another wonderful option needed to be admired here. You really don’t need to worry about the lint, and fluff here. Everything here will get perfectly collected in the magic filter that further can be cleaned and washed. Waterfall technology and in-built sink option are also there to ensure users to have perfect washing. Adding more into its features magic dispenser is also quite capable of dissolving the appropriate amount of detergent powder so that to prevent wastage.

What we like: Users really don’t need to worry about the scratches as it includes strong tempered glass that can easily withstand the strong water pressure.

Drawback: It really takes too much time to complete the operations.


  • Quite affordable product
  • Optimal functionality
  • Does not produce too much noise during operations
  • Free installation process
  • Lint filter operations


  • The installation process is a little bit challenging
  • Water consumption is high
  • Does not include hot water washing feature

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3. LG Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (6.5 kg)

If you are looking for a reliable washing machine for your smaller family, it is really a great option to grab in. being perfectly featured to offer users high-end cleaning, this washing machine ensures users to have a perfect and faster washing to your clothes. The machine is fully loaded with advanced technology machine offers three wash programs to the users. Construction is quite durable and the smart inverter makes this product an energy saver one. It is one of the most reliable washing machine options that come up with smart motion feature perfectly combined with Turbo Drum so that users could easily enjoy the stainless and faster experience at an easy end.

What we like: The machine is perfect to be used a family of three of four. It is one of the most reliable options that offer high end cleaning very fast.

Drawback: It is a slightly expensive option that includes a very poor customer care service in India.


  • Smart inverter technology
  • Turbo drum and Punch +3 technology for energy conservation
  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Fastest drying time
  • Automatic door closing


  • Poor after-sales services
  • The display panel is not up to the mark

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4. LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (8 kg)

If you are looking for a budget-friendly washing machine for your bigger family, LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (8 kg) is the perfect choice to make in. it is a fully automatic top loading machine that comes up with innovative features like in-built jet spray to wash out the dirt and excess detergent from it. The machine works on Punch +3 technology and hence removes efficiently the tough stains from your clothing. Adding more to it, turbo drum and pulsator rotate feature are also there that enhances the capabilities and efficiency of this wonderful product much more. Moreover, smart inverter motor is also there to save up to 36% of energy. Durability is another extreme feature here. Being constructed with stainless steel drum the product offers you rust-free experience to enjoy on.

What we like: The product is really great energy and water saver.

Drawback: RPM is quite low to this product


  • Quick and efficient washing
  • Auto balance system for effective cleaning
  • Standpower saver mode to offer high-end results
  • Side and effective waterfall option
  • Auto prewash option is also there
  • Auto-restart option
  • Great value for money


  • RPM is quite low with great specs
  • No special filtration option is there to work with hard water

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5. LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (7.0 Kg)

Coming up next to the section, LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (7.0 Kg) is one of the leading products in the industry with smart inverter technology that offers a safe, vibrationless and noiseless experience for the users to enjoy on. It is a fully automatic top loading machine that offers excellent washing with the help of turbo drum and pulsator move. Being featured with Punch +3 function, machine perfect creates a water stream in the vertical direction so that your clothing can be easily pushed up and down as well. For offering durable usage, the product is perfectly featured BMC protection that protects the motor from rusting and corrosion. Adding more into its features, the auto-restart function is also there to get continue with the washing even after electricity cuts.

What we like: We just love the child lock feature is installed there that makes it a safe product to use on.

Drawback: The price tag is a little bit higher than that of the other products in the same range.


  • Durable and rust-free construction with the help of stainless steel construction
  • The child lock option is also there to prevent the child from playing with controls
  • Smart diagnosis feature offers easy controls over it
  • Turbo drum and pulsator move
  • Auto-restart option


  • Absence of hard water filtration
  • RPM is lower

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6. IFB Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (6.5 kg)

It is another one of the Indian brands that give up the tough competition to the various leading international washing machine brands. Being constructed with stainless steel users could now easily enjoy rust-free and durable usage for longer times. It is a well-designed machine to fulfill the needs of Indian consumers that includes Aqua Energie technology that ensures users to have better cleaning even during hard water usage as well. The product works exceptionally great at even lower water pressure as 0.3 bars. Adding more into its features auto imbalance system to ensure users to have balanced washing even at low loading as well. Smart sense sensor is also there to optimize water and detergent and hence the product can be easily assumed to be a great water saver as well.

What we like: This washing machine is a great water-saving option that works exceptionally great at lower water pressure as well.

Drawback: The RPM of this product is quite low that results in longer drying time.


  • Great Indian design
  • Works efficiently with hard water
  • Good to be used at an even lower water pressure
  • Stainless steel construction to ensure rust-free and durable usage
  • Big LED display
  • Eco-friendly usage


  • Lower RPM
  • After-sales service is not up to the mark
  • Does not include hot water washing facility
  • Low voltage protection

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7. Whirlpool Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (6.5 kg)

If you are looking for a washing machine that can full fill the needs of your family of three or four, this washing machine option is great to pick in. coming up with 6th sense smart technology, it is one of the advanced washing machine options that perfectly sense the weight of your laundry and then inputs the detergent accordingly. Moreover, the machine is perfectly designed to detect the voltage fluctuations and hence ensures users to have safe and durable usage over it. Adding more to it, the spa wash system is also being included there that offers clean, fresh and hygienic wash every time.  For offering users reliability over it, the washing machine is fully loaded with 8 wash programs. Moreover, ZPF technology is also there that ensures users to have faster-washing cleaning every time.

What we like: The product runs efficiently great even on lower water pressure as well.

Drawbacks: Durability is a bigger issue here, the machine is constructed as a plastic drum and can be easily damaged in case of stronger impacts.


  • 6th sense smart technology
  • Energy savor
  • Water savor
  • Spa wash system
  • Express wash
  • Hard water washing
  • ZPF technology
  • 8 washing options


  • Construction is not up to the mark
  • Clothes get tangle often

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8. Haier Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (5.8 kg)

This washing machine option will go great for the bachelors or couples only. It is a 5.8 Kg fully automatic top loading machine that comes up with six washing programs to offer separate washing system for different items of clothing. Multipurpose spin tub causes lesser abrasion of the clothes especially for those who are residing at the bottom of the tub. The machine is fully featured with a multi-segment display that makes it quite easy to keep information about each and every cycle of the washing. Cloth tangling is quite a bigger issue but also has resolved due to the presence of Quadra Flow Pulsator here. It is one of the best washing machine options in the market that serve as a great savor of water and detergent here. The introduction of Fuzzy logic feature senses the wash environment and adjusts the settings accordingly.

What we like: It is a quick wash enabled machine that serves as a great savor to water, electricity, detergent and time.

Drawback: You may find difficult to experience the installation process.


  • A great option for a bigger family
  • Child lock option for safer use
  • Affordable e appliance
  • Memory function for consistent washing
  • Compact designing
  • Fast washing


  • Absence of innovative feature
  • Does not suit well for regular Indian household
  • The installation process is a little bit tricky

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9. Bosch Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (6.5 Kg)

It is one of another leading washing machine option the internationally renowned brand that offers perfect washing for a smaller family. The machine comes up with Wave wash system that ensures users to have a perfect and stainless wash every time. The innovative pulsator design and dynamic water flow add more to the cleaning process. Providing durable usage and ensuring withstanding heavyweights, the product includes toughened glass and soft closing lid.  Moreover, the product also includes a noise cancellation feature to the users. If you are worried about the lint and lose threads, just keep your worries aside as magic filter option is there to collect the lint, loose fibers, and other threads from your laundry effectively. The introduction or one-touch start is another innovative option being introduced here.

What we like: Durability is quite appreciated here. Users can now easily enjoy clean, fresh and hygienic washing at an easy end.

Drawback: The installation process is quite tricky and consumes a lot of time.


  • Great to be used a family of three of four
  • Noise cancellation feature for sound washing
  • Sturdy build-up offering users’ durable usage
  • Efficient washing
  • A useful array of washing modes


  • Installation is a little bit tricky
  • Spare parts are quite expensive

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10. BPL Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (7.2 kg)

It is another one of the leading and sturdy stainless steel option that offers users durable usage. Being constructed from the double-layered plastic body, it is a sturdy and durable option that you can effortlessly use for years. It is a semi-automatic option where you can soak your clothes in its washing chamber before proceeding further with the washing process that not only saves a lot of your time but keeps you safe from the hassle of transferring them. For offering users effective cleaning, the machine is being equipped with a powerful motor and spinning technique. This top-loading machine offers users’ inflow of air to semi-dry your clothes after washing them. The introduction of spin shower feature is another great feature needed to be appreciated here.

What we like: The machine includes collar scrubber that perfectly cleans your collar and cuffs just before we put them for washing.

Drawback: Usage is a manual that seems to be annoying sometimes.


  • Powerful motor for effective cleaning
  • Spin shower
  • Stainless steel construction for durable usage
  • Collar scrubber for cleaning collar and cuffs


  • Water pouring is manual
  • Technology is not so advanced

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1Q. Can we take out our clothes in the midway cycle of a top-loading washing machine?

Ans: Of Course YES. Top loading machines offers a very easy to use interface to its users. One can conveniently stop the washing machine and can take the laundry out of it and can even add the other one to keep continuing with the washing process.

2Q. I have got fuzzy balls on some of my clothing, what would be the reason for that?

Ans: Synthetic clothes usually shed off small fibers during washing time, so whenever we try to wash out our laundry as a mix of, the chances are quite higher than the shredded small fibers can get cling to these. The only thing that you can do for staying prevented from such annoying condition is to avoid overloading of the machine.

3Q. Why most of the dealers prefer inside-out washing of clothes?

Ans: Inside-out washing of clothes is usually recommended as it not only enhances the lifecycle of your clothes but also keeps them safe from fading down of the printed logos and designs. Moreover, the process also keeps users prevented from the formation of fluffy balls on woolen garments.

4Q. What would be the minimum detergent limit to add-in?

Ans: The minimum detergent limit to be added in the washing machine actually depends upon the nature and condition of clothes you are putting in for washing. The hardness of the water can also put on the impact on the quantity of detergent we can use for washing laundry.


Top loading washing machines is one of the most preferred options in the Indian market. Users might sometimes get confused with the number of options being present there in the market, so offering them ease of usage, we have presented above the best top loading washing machines in India. Check out the mentioned above and then make the final decision as per your preferences and needs.

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