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Gone are the days when cable TVs were a thing. With the advancement in internet and technological development, all the gadgets are getting smarter with every passing day. Smartphones have now become mainstream and smart TVs are slowly and gradually getting popular. In a few years, smart TVs are set to become mainstream and a common product in everybody’s house.

If you want to replace your traditional cable TV with a smart TV and are looking to buy one, you’re at the right place. After thoroughly researching and testing a number of smart TVs, we’ve compiled a list of best smart TV in India. But before that, let us hop into the buying guide and look at some of the important things you should keep in mind before buying a smart TV.

Smart TV Buying Guide – Things you should look at

Chromecast Support

Chromecast is nothing but a device that lets you cast your device’s screen to your television. Through chromecast, you can cast your smartphone, tablet or laptop’s screen on your smart TV. Chromecast makes it extremely convenient to switch between devices without actually switching between them. Most smart TVs support chromecast. However, there are some smart TVs that do not. So make sure that the smart TV you’re going to buy has a chromecast connectivity. Chromecast can be connected to smart TV through the HDMI port.


People generally focus upon the display or size of the TV and often overlook the sound department. As the TVs these days are getting thinner day day, the space for embedding speakers is getting less. Hence it is important to check what speakers do smart TV use and whether it’ll be satisfactory for you or not.


The display is the most crucial aspect people consider before buying a smart TV or even a regular TV. In present times, the number of display types has increased. Some of the most popular display types are OLED, LED and plasma. Depending upon your budget and requirement, decide which display is most suited for you and shortlist smart TVs with the respective display.


Phones and TVs are getting bigger and bigger. In case of phones and TVs, people usually believe the bigger it is the better it is. However, this isn’t completely true. There are certain factors you should keep in mind while selecting the size of a TV. As the distance of the viewer increases, the requirement of a bigger screen increases and so does the requirement of higher resolution. So analyze your distance and then decide what resolution and size will suit your requirements the best.


Connectivity is an important factor while buying a smart TV. Some smart TVs have Ethernet connectivity whereas some are equipped with in-built WiFi connectivity. Apart from Wifi, some of the basic, as well as essential connectivity options, are Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio jack, ADMI ARC, USB port and an RCA audio output.

Top 5 Best Smart TV in India 2019:

Once you’ve gone through the buying guide and analyzed your requirements, this is now the time to look at the best smart TVs available in the market. Here’s the list:-

1. Samsung 49 Inches Full HD LED Smart TV UA49N5300AR

Samsung is a leading manufacturer company for both smartphones as well as TVs. This smart TV Samsung is available in 43 inches as well as 49 inch variant. This is a mid range smart TV and can be bought without making a hole in the pocket. This TV has an LED display and a resolution of 1920×1080 making it a full HD smart TV. Its vivid colours and high picture quality will make every little detail noticeable. No detail will be hidden from you due to this crystal clear display.

It is equipped with a powerful quad core processor which makes it convenient for multi-tasking. This TV uses Samsung’s Tizen interface which is full of features and functionalities. There is 1 USB port which supports audio return channel, 1 aerial cable, 1 CF card slot, a LAN port and a pair of two HDMI ports. All of these ports make the connectivity easier and convenient. You can also connect your chromecast and cast your device’s screen on your smart TV.

It has a powerful Doldigital sound system which produces an output of 40 watts. The remote that comes with this TV is the basic IR remote. So if you’re expecting a voice command remote, you might be disappointed. This TV comes with a warranty of 1 year from a credible brand like Samsung. Overall, this is the best mid range smart TV in India at present.

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2. LG 55 Inches 4K UHD OLED Smart TV OLED55C8PTA

If you’re not tight on your budget and can afford to buy a high end expensive smart TV, this is the best option in the market right now. This 55 inches smart TV LG will give you the experience that is better than a theatre experience. It has a resolution of 4k which makes the display extremely clear and full of details. This LG 4k OLED TV is slim, has the great metallic build quality and an excellent sound system.

Talking about the ports, there is a LAN and a cable connection port along with 3 USB and 4 HDMI ports. With this TV, you’ll never be short of the connectivity ports. Additionally, it has the support of DolVision as well as HDR 10. This smart TV operates on the WebOS LG. This operating system is very user friendly and you’ll get a hang of it within no time. The remote that this TV comes with has a great grip and is easily understandable.

It has Dolvision and atoms support which produces a sound system output of 40 watts. You wouldn’t need to spend money on buying an extra sound system for the TV as it is equipped with such a high quality sound system already. On top of all that, it supports voice commands and voice recognition with LGs thinQ AI. LG gives a 1 year company warranty for this smart TV from the day of purchase.

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3. Mi LED TV 4C PRO 80 cm (32) HD Ready Android TV

Mi LED TV is one of the cheapest smart TV in India. Despite it being so affordable, it stands toe to toe with the big players in the market. This smart TV has a resolution of 1366×768 which isn’t a great resolution but is great at the price that it comes for. This TV is the perfect option for people who’re tight on their budget and are looking for an affordable smart TV.

It has a pair of two USB ports and an antenna or cable connection port. It can work as a smart as well as cable TV both. Apart from the USB and antenna ports, it is equipped with 3 HDMI ports among which there is one RC port as well. The sound system of this TV is amazing and produces a sound output of over 210 watts. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz which is comparable with high end smart TVs.

The remote comes with a Google Assistant button and supports voice commands. Even some of the high end smart TVs do not support voice commands but this one does. It has an LED display which is bright and produces great clarity. One of the best things about this TV is its remote. Its remote works on Bluetooth connectivity which prevents the hassle of aiming the remote to a specific direct and angle.

For connectivity purposes, it has an Ethernet port through which internet connectivity can be accessed. This TV is powered up with a quad core processor and 1GB of RAM. It has patchwell Os which is an android-based operating system. This TV supports play store and all the other functionalities of android. This smart TV comes with a warranty period of 1 year. Overall this is a steal deal at such a price but isn’t recommended to someone who’s not tight on their budget and are looking for high end smart TVs.

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4. Vu 55-OA 4K 55 inch LED TV

Vu is an Indian company that aims to produce affordable electronic products. The Vu 55 inches 4K LED TV Vu is one of the most affordable 4K TVs in the market. This smart TV has one of the best prices to performance ratio among all its competitors. This TV is powered up with a quad core processor and 1.75GB of RAM for smooth functioning. It runs on android OS and supports all the android functionalities along with play store. This TV supports DolVision as well as HDR 10.

It comes with a set a pair of 2 USB ports and a set of 3 HDMI ports. Additionally, it has arc support as well. This TV is equipped with a motion rate which is smooth enough for fast moving scenes. The huge screen size of 55 inches will give you theatre like experience right sat the comfort of your home.

With this TV, you can give voice commands and use Google assistant too. It has a storage of 16GB which might be a drawback for a lot of customers. On the downside, the audio output isn’t that great and the build quality isn’t comparable to the high end smart TVs.  However, comparing this product with high end smart TVs would be an injustice for it as they’re incomparable in the price as well.

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5. Sony Bravia 49 Inches Smart Android TV

Sony Bravia is one of the most popular and top selling smart TVs in India. This 49 inches full HD TV has a resolution of 1980×1080 which makes every detail visible. This TV comes with an anti-humidity coating that prevents this TV to come in contact with humidity and prevents short circuits. The refresh rate for this TV is 50 Hz which isn’t a great refresh rate at this price.

This smart TV Sony has one of the best speakers in any smart TVs in the market. It is equipped with bass reflex speakers which provide high quality sound output that is not only loud but also a lot clear. It runs on Android OS and supports play store as well as other android functionalities. The DTH box, as well as the TV, can both be operated with one single remote. The single remote feature makes it convenient and hassle-free as it becomes a daunting task to switch between the remotes.

This is one of the most beautiful looking smart TVs in the market with a sleek design and slim edges. The colors are very vibrant and the display is bright enough. This smart TV is a combination of a credible brand as well as high performance. With this TV you get a warranty period of 1 year.

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Buying a smart TV or even regular TV is not as easy as it looks. There are multiple factors that the buyer must keep in mind before buying a TV. To make your task easy, we’ve mentioned some of the most common and important factors to look at before buying a smart TV. The list of best smart TVs in India mentioned above consists of TVs of varied ranges. Televisions from both affordable as well as expensive segments have been mentioned.

If the price is your most important factor and you’re tight on your budget, the smart TV Mi is what you should go for right away. However, if you’re more focused upon the brand than the actual configurations of the TV, Sony Bravia is what we will suggest. Lastly, if you’re looking for a combination of great brand, affordable price as well as high end performance, the Samsung smart TV is the best option then. Make sure you look at the factors mentioned before deciding to buy any particular smart TV. In the end, the best smart TV to buy cannot be decided us and it is up to you to decide the best smart TV as per your requirements and budget.

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