Best Juicers in India 2020 – Detailed Reviews

Are you also one of those looking for the best juicer in India? If yes, then you are the right destination. Here in this article, we have provided all the essential details regarding the Best Juicers that you can purchase and get the tasty juices ready at your home. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started:

Juicer Buying Guide:

Health always comes first. Nowadays, we are not having much time to go to the gym or eat healthy every time. Additionally, the packed foods are also not that healthy that we can rely on. But still, there is one appliance that can help us in having an amazing taste along with the best quality. Hair, we are talking about uses. Juicer is an electronic appliance through which the juice can easily be extracted from fruits and vegetables. The juicer either red or crushes the vegetables or fruits and then extract the juice for us.

If you are also thinking about purchasing the juicer for you then there are several options available online and offline as well. If you are not having time to visit the market and going to purchase the juicer online then it is important for you to choose the best. In order to help you out here, we have provided you some of the details that you must consider while purchasing the juicer for you. So, let’s get started.

1. Brand of the juicer

The brand plays an important role when it comes to purchasing electronic appliances. It is necessary for you to check the brand of the juicer. There are several amazing brands available that are providing you high quality of juices including Voltas, Philips, Bajaj, Sujata, Panasonic, Inalsa and several others.

2. Pulp container

It is important to check the pulp container size. If the size of the pulp container is not big enough then it will become a problem for you because you need to stop again and again to empty it. Hence it should have a preferable size.

3. Jug

It is always preferred that the size of the mixture Jag must have at least a capacity of 1000 ml. It should be having the capacity of handling at least 1 kg of fruits and vegetables so that you do not need to empty the jug halfway through processing.

4. Feeding tubes

The feeding tubes play an important role in saving time and energy as well. Some juices come with a broad feeding tube so that you do not need to waste your time on cutting or chopping the vegetables before putting them into the feeding tube. Such a feeding tube can easily keep Apple or any other fruit or vegetable as a whole. It helps you in avoiding the pre chopping the task

5. Multiple speeds

It is ideal suggested that the user must have multiple is speed program. If you are having hard fruits or vegetables like carrots then the highest speed is always required. For soft foods like mangoes, strawberries, and others the lowest speed is enough. Hence if the user is having both the speed selections that it will be easy for you to choose according to the type of fruit.

6. Parts of the juicer

You must try to purchase a juicer having few parts as possible so that they can easily get fitted or dismantled. Additional e the parts must be easy and quick to get cleaned.

7. Wiring

Prince producer is an electrical appliance hence it is important for you to check its wiring and selection buttons. There should be proper wiring done and the buttons should be placed appropriately.

8. Blades of the Jug of the juicer

It is necessary for you to check the blades that are kept inside the mug of the juicer. They should be sharp enough so that you can get the smooth juice or gravy whatever you want to get.

List of Best Juicers in India:

Hence following the given instructions, you can easily choose the best Juice for you.  By following the above-given guide, you can easily choose the best juicer for you. While choosing any product quality matters a lot. With the help of the guiding instructions given in the obsession of this page, it will become easier for you to choose the best quality according to the required price as well. In order to help you out, here we have given the list of best juices that you can purchase. Please check out the list and then choose for yourself accordingly.

1. Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 Juicer (2l)

The first option available on our list is Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 Juicer (2l). The best part about this juicer is that it does not require installation. It plays an amazing role in squeezing every drop from your fruits and vegetables. The cleaning process is also so fast that it gets Clean up within 1 minute. It comes with a cord length of 1 m so that you can use it easily with comfort.

It is simple and easy to use. It is made up of Aluminum and jug and is designed with SAN jug and PS cover. The Integrated cord storage, XL tube, and 1-speed setting make it more amazing. Additionally, it comes with the 1.2-liter pulp container and 800ml juice jug capacity and Capacity of 2 liters along with the Power of 700 watts. The Operating voltage capacity is 220-240 volts and the Frequency of this juicer is 50/60 Hz and 2 years warranty.


  • Excellent for making fruit and vegetable juices
  • Quick Clean facility
  • Powerful motor
  • Great for home use


  • The juicer generates a lot of heat and noise

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2. Philips Viva Collection HR1855 Juicer

The second option available is the Philips Viva Collection HR1855 Juicer. The juice jug capacity of this juicer is 800ml. with this, you can easily make up to 2 liters of juice in one go. The Power of the motor is 700 W and the Voltage required is 220-240 V. Quick Clean technology and Quick Clean sieve makes it more amazing.  In order to provide you the easy disposal facility, all pulp collected in one place. With this, you also get the facility of Easy checking of the pulp with see-through pulp container. The cleaning process is also so simple and easy. It comes with an XL tube and 1-speed setting and 2 years on product


  • It has a very powerful motor
  • Offer better performance
  • Quick and easy to clean


  • Quite expensive

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3. Philips Viva Collection HR1832 Juicer (500-Watt)

Another amazing product available is the Philips Viva Collection HR1832 Juicer (500-Watt). This product does not require installation. Material housing is of ABS Plastic and Material jug is made up of PP Plastic. Additionally, the Material pulp container and pusher are made up of ABS, SAN. The Philips Viva Collection HR1832 Juicer (500-Watt) comes with an amazing Drip stop, compact design, Quick Clean technology, smooth and easy to clean features. Additionally, the Frequency of the motor is 50/60 Hz.

It also provides the direct serve, Quick Clean sieve and can see-through pulp container facility. With this, you can easily make up to 1.5 liters in one go. It also contains an integrated pulp container. The Non-slip feet, safety clamps and integrated cord storage make this juicer more amazing and easy to use.  The speed of the juicer is one and optimized. The capacity of the juicer is 1.5 liters and the power is 50 watts. The Operating Voltage of this juicer is 220-240 volts. The pack contains juicer, Pulp Container (1 liter) and Juice Jug (500 milliliters).


  • Easy to clean because of Quick Clean technology
  • Transparent but highly durable body structure


  • This appliance has a short power cord

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4. Sujata Powermatic Juicer (900-Watt)

The next juicer which you can choose is the Sujata Powermatic Juicer (900-Watt). It comes with the most powerful 900 watts motor with double ball-bearings for continuous extraction of juice from varied fruits and vegetables. Additionally, the 22000 rpm operation to retain the original flavor and aroma of juice is also an amazing feature of this juicer. It can easily work continuously up to 90 minutes, Its Continuous running feature makes it suitable for longer usage.

The Sujata Powermatic Juicer (900-Watt) also has a detachable pulp container that enables the uninterrupted operation to extract higher yields. The Power Supply of this juicer is 230 to 240 Volts, AC 50-60 Hz. Additionally; it comes with the Flex Cord of P.V.C approx. 2.15 meters usable with 5 Amp. Additionally, the 3 pin plug is also there. For Protection, the Class I double insulated technology has been used.


  • Powerful 900-watt motor
  • Good for preparing vegetable juices
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • This appliance makes a lot of noise

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5. Usha Nutripress Cold Press Slow Juicer (240-Watt)

Looking for versatility then choose Usha Nutripress Cold Press Slow Juicer (240-Watt).  With this, you can easily extract the juice from hard vegetables, green vegetables, nuts & grains, fruits, frozen desserts. Additionally, the Cold press juicer extracts maximum juice yield from soft fruits and vegetables. Additionally, you can also extract far more juice than a normal juicer. It also retains nutrition, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals due to unique cold-pressed mechanisms with low temperature juicing for healthy and natural juicing. It comes with a warranty of 5 years on motor and 2 years on product. You can also contact the home demo. In the box, you will also get a free recipe book.


  • Best way to extract juice
  • Ideal for making fruit and vegetable juices
  • Retains essential vitamins and nutrients


  • Slow process
  • Not the best option if you want instant juice

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6. Kuvings Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer is the best choice available, Model Type is B1700 (Dark Silver Color). This Cold Press Juicer is capable of juicing Fruits, Vegetables, Greens and also making Nut Milk out of Almonds and other nuts. It’s outlined to be slim and attractive to look attractive in your kitchen. The product is made out of food-grade BPA free plastic for enhanced life and hygienic juice.  It comes with the Patented Large Mouth (76 mm) that helps in enabling the loading of the whole ingredient.

Loading a whole fruit makes juicing convenient and fast Comes with a safety lock precaution, so the juicer will only start if installed properly Compatible with Smoothie and Ice-Cream attachments (to be bought separately). The Kuvings Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer works amazingly to make delicious recipes using these attachments. The RPM of this juicer is 50 RPM and its power is 240 Watts. Its Supply power is AC 220-240 Volts and 50 Hz. additionally, the Weight of this user is 9.6 Kg and the Dimension in cm (LBH) is 45 X 28 X 36. The run Time of this juicer is a maximum of 30 minutes continuous idle time is 20 minutes.

Kuvings Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer comes in ready to juice package. Your cold press juicer package will have the motor, juicing bowl and lid, auger, juice strainer, and rotation wiper. It will also have Juice and Pulp Jars for gathering the juice. Cleaning kit containing specialized rotating cleaning brush and regular brush are included. You will also receive a quick start user manual and a recipe book from us. You can start juicing in minutes of receiving the product. Additionally, it comes with a Warranty of 10 years on Gear and Motor, 1 year on Product.


  • Food grade BPA free plastic is used
  • The maximum amount of nutrients preserved
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


  • A bit costly

7. Bajaj JEX 16 Juicer (800-Watt)

Bajaj JEX 16 Juicer (800-Watt) is also an amazing choice for all juice lovers. Its blades are made up of Stainless steel that plays amazingly in extracting the last drop of juice. The 2-speed control and dual lock for enhanced safety of this juicer make it more amazing. It comes with an easily removable and washable strainer or cutter.  The Juice Collector can handle the capacity of 1 liter. Pulp container can handle the capacity of 2 liters.

The Feeding tube is having a size of 75 mm. additionally, it comes with a warranty of 02 years. The motor power is 800 watts. It included major Components that are Juice extractor, Pulp container, Juice collector, Pusher, Instruction manual, and Warranty card


  • Product is easy to use and clean
  • Ideal for preparing quick juices
  • Powerful 800-watt motor


  • The plastic body needs improvement

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8. Panasonic Cold Press Slow Juicer (150-Watt)

Panasonic Cold Press Slow Juicer (150-Watt) is an amazing juicer that comes with a speed of 45 RPM and Power of 150 watts. It is suitable for soft and hard fruits. Additionally, it comes with Low-Speed Compression. The Frozen attachment, juice cup, and pulp cup are also included.  The MJ-L500 also comes with a frozen attachment for making sorbets and frozen cocktails, plus it’s small enough to sit out on the worktop permanently.

It comes with a warranty of 05 years on motor and 1 year on the rest of the product. The Operation Rating of this motor and 1 year on the rest of the product is 2 consecutive cycles of 15 min.ON, then 30 min. OFF. The pack also includes a slow juicer, frozen attachment, Juice container, Cleaning brush, Pulp container, Instruction manual, and Warranty card.


  • Retains all the essential nutrients and minerals
  • Simple to use and clean the juicer
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • Simple to use and clean the juicer


  • Juicer capacity not suitable for large families

9. Inalsa Juice It Neo Juicer (500-Watt)

Inalsa Juice It Neo Juicer (500-Watt) is a great choice for all those looking for the best juicer in India. It comes with a warranty of 02 years. Additionally, the power features are 230 V / 50 Hz. The Motor type is of 500 Watt and it includes Food Pusher, Juice Jar, and pulp collector. Additionally, it comes with the Great Features that are i) 2 Years Warranty on Product ii) Powerful 500 W motor with 30 mins continuous (max) time rating iii) Overload protector for motor safety iv) Brush finished stainless steel housing. It also includes the Main Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card, and All India Service Center List. The Product Dimensions of this juicer are 26 cm (Length) X 18.5 cm (Width) X 31.5 cm (Height) and the Weight is 2.6 kg.


  • Detachable pulp collector
  • High-quality stainless steel body
  • Built-in overload protector
  • Anti-drip functionality


  • It is a bit noisy

10. Braun Multi quick Juicer (800-Watt)

The Braun Multi quick Juicer (800-Watt) comes with a 1.25 liters jug with foam separator. Additionally, it also comes with a 4-way safety system and 2-speed control. The chute is 75mm large. Additionally, it comes with an Anti-splash stainless steel spout. It also includes the Cord storage system and anti-slip feet. It is absolutely Dishwasher safe and powerful motor. The Fast juicing system of this Braun Multi quick Juicer (800-Watt) makes it more reliable and amazing. The motor power is 800 watts.


  • Quality Performance Without Any Price Constraint
  • Foam Separator Along With Different Pulp Collector
  • Can Be Used For Both Hard And Soft Ingredients


  • Not electricity efficient

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1Q. Which is the best juicer available in the market?

Ans: Well, it highly depends upon your choice. If you are having time constant then you must go for a centrifugal juicer. If you are one of those who love giving more importance to health and nutrition then the masticating and triturating juicer will be the best choice for you.

2Q. Which will be the best juicer for a person fighting from cancer?

Ans: If a person is fighting from cancer that means he is so weak inside hence it is important for him or her to take more nutrition. For such people, wheatgrass juice and other vegetable juices are so beneficial so in such a situation you should choose the twin gear masticating juicer.

3Q. Which is the best juicer when it comes to having value for money?

Ans: If you are thinking about having value for money then it is important for you to understand that nothing can satisfy everyone. But still as compared to other users, a masticating juicer is considered as the best juices available. Additional it also depends upon the preferences.

4Q. Do the attachments in and the motor comes under warranty with the juicer?

Ans: Usually, most of the brands provide guarantee on the attachments and the motor. The time period of the warranty is different for each product. For example, the brand prestige provides a warranty of 3 ears on the motor and one year warranty for the accessories.

5Q. I want to have a speedy juicer with which one should I choose?

Ans: When it comes to speed there is nothing better than the centrifugal juicer. The centrifugal juicer comes with amazing speed. Additionally, you can also go for a juicer having the mixed configurations of both centrifugal and masticating.


Hence, these are all the details about the best juicer in India. While purchasing any product it is necessary to get the best quality and value for the price. Considering the same here we have stated all the essential details that you must know about while purchasing the juicer for you. Additionally, in the above section, we have given the buying guide along with the top juices available.

Along with the name of the users we have also stated about their pros and cons so that you can choose accordingly. The best juicer given in the above section of the article is available online at Amazon. So if you find anyone of the above appropriate according to your requirement then you can visit the website and choose the one for you.

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