Best Home Theater System Under Rs 5000

Best home theatre systems can bring you theatre-like experience right in the comfort of your home. Built-in speakers in the televisions are fine but if you’re an audiophile, you’d surely need a good home theatre system for your house.

Buying a home theatre system is a confusing task as there are different types of home theatres at difference price tags in the market. People don’t usually know what type of home theatre they’ll require.

Best Home Theater Systems Under RS 5000

However, we’ve compiled a list of Top 5 Best Home Theatre System in India with Pros & Cons. Do read the complete review before you buy.

1. Sony BDV-N9200W

Without a doubt, Sony is the best company in India when it comes to speakers and home theatres. Not just in India, Sony is a renowned brand worldwide. The Sony BDV-N9200W Sony is of one the best home theatre system with excellent sound quality and extra deep bass. These set of 6 speakers are sure to give you a theatre like an experience or an even better experience. This home theatre not only has great sound quality but is aesthetic in the look as well which will add to the beauty of your room or house.

There are multiple decoders to provide 3D sound surrounding the environment. There are a total of 6 audio modes; movie mode, football mode, digital music enhancer, music mode, night mode and Berlin Philharmonic. These 6 audio modes produce high quality sound no matter what you’re using these set of speakers for. This system has a 5.1 channel configuration system and supports wired as well as wireless connectivity. The wireless connectivity can be accessed through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Apart from producing high quality music, this home theatre can be used for connecting external HDD, USB, blu-ray disc, blu-ray 3D player and a CD/DVD. All these connectivity features make it a multipurpose home theatre system. All in all, if you’re not tight on your budget and are comfortable with getting a whole in your pocket, this is the best home theatre system in India you can get.

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2. Jbl Cine System 500Si

JBL cine system is a 5.1 channel configuration home theatre system that provides an excellent sound as well as picture quality. The DLNA 1.5 technology lets you play music from any external device that is compatible. There are multiple HDMI inputs in the system that supports #D for better video as well as audio quality along with accuracy. Along with the set of speakers, there’s a subwoofer which enhances the sound quality even more.

This home theatre system comes with a warranty of 1 year. It has a tuner technology that supports radio as well as FM. The set of speakers in this home theatre system has a sleek and aesthetic design. This system consists of a pair of front speakers, a pair of back speakers and a subwoofer. The USB support makes it convenient to stream music and videos of your own choice.

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3. Samsung HT-J5100K/XL

This system Samsung is for people who are looking for an affordable home theatre system from a great brand. This is one of the best home theatre systems under 15000 in India available in the market. The 1000W power and powerful bass make these set of speakers on par with the expensive ones. There are lots of certifications that this home theatre system has gone through before entering the market.

There’s an array of features that this system provides along with key control, CD ripping, karaoke scoring, USB recording, fanfare, quick start mode and so on. This system supports FM as well as a radio too. The patent crystal Amp Pro technology that this system comes with provides a balanced sound as per the user’s requirement. This home theatre system comes with an LED display for high quality video streaming. Additionally, the video being streamed on TV can be watched in high definition altering the system’s equalizer settings.

There are a lot of video as well as audio customization features that this system comes with. The 1-year warranty and trust from a brand like Samsung assure the durability of these set of speakers. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a cheap home theatre system in India, these are the ones you should consider.

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4. F&D F3800X

F&D F3800X is one of the most affordable as well as good looking home theatres in India. At a steal price of just Rs6209, these speakers provide powerful sound with extra bass. It has a Bluetooth connectivity option that makes it accessible through wires as well as wirelessly. This home theatre system consists of a set of 5 powerful speakers and a subwoofer.

There is a 5.25cm bass driver for the subwoofer as well as a set of 3 full range satellite drivers of 13.34cm each.  The multi-colored LED lights on these speakers work automatically and enhance the beauty of this system. This system supports the decoding of MP3 as well as WMA formats and has connectivity ports for USB as well as SD cards.

This home theatre system is fully remote controlled and easy to use. The Bluetooth version v4.0 assures uninterrupted connectivity no matter what. These speakers aren’t for people who can afford an expensive home theatre systems and are looking for high end ones. However, people who are tight on their budget and are looking for a home theatre system under 20000 in India can go for this.

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5. Logitech Z906

Logitech Z906 is a great mid-range home theatre system under 20000 in India. Despite being mid-range, this system is comparable to systems from the expensive segment. The audio quality is excellent and wouldn’t crack like in most low or mid-range home theatres. The wired connectivity options include Aux as well as RCA cable connectivity whereas for the wireless connectivity it supports Bluetooth.

The speakers in this system have a great build quality which ensures the durability of the speakers. Logitech isn’t that big of a brand when compared to Sony or JBL. However, this company has been producing great quality speakers and home theatre systems at an affordable price. With the maximum power of 1000W, these speakers are sure to make the party even more happening.

There’s also a headphone jack that can be used if you don’t want to wake or disturb the people around you and want to listen to the music privately. The theatre-like experience can be assured the THX certification that these speakers have received. The Logitech Z906 is a 5.1 channel speaker with the support of Doldigital as well as DTS encoded decoders.

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Home theatres can range from a few thousand rupees to over 6 digits in the Indian currency. This is the reason why selecting the best home theatre system in India is a difficult task. However, the above list of best home theatres in India that we’ve mentioned consists of speakers from cheap and affordable as well as the expensive segment. In order to select one of the home theatres, you’ll need to analyze what your budget and requirements are. Based on these two factors, select the one that you think is the best. For people with no budget upper limit, Sony BDV-N9200W is a great option whereas people who are tight on their budget can go for F&D F3800X.

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