Best Hair Straighteners in India 2019 – Reviews

Your hair constitutes a lot to your overall look and personality. A good hair day can make you look attractive and feel confident whereas a bad hair day in the morning the can set the tone low for the rest of the day.  Some people are naturally gifted with smooth and silky hair whereas some are unlucky to have good hair genes. The natural texture and quality of your hair cannot be changed. However, what you can do is use a straightener to straighten your hair or use the chemical methods in parlors. 

The permanent straighteneing methods in parlours use chemicals that might harm your hair quality in long run. Apart from the harmfulness, the method is quite expensive as well. This is where the straighteners come into play. They’re affordable, aren’t much harmful and can be used at the comfort of your home. 

If you’re thinking of buying a hair straightener, we have created a list that might want to look at. This list contains the best hair straighteners in India 2019. But, before moving on to the list, you need to know certain things and factors before you buy a hair straightener. 

Factors to look at Before Buying a Hair Straightener:

There are multiple factors that you should be considering before you buy a hair straightener. Here are some of them:-

1. Temperature settings

Most hair straighteners these days come with variable temperature settings. However, low quality and cheap hair straighteners might not have much setting options. Additionally, make sure the straightener’s plates heat evenly and don’t overheat. If the plates of a straightener do not heat evenly, it can damage your hairs and might even burn them. So make sure that the straightener you’re buying has variable temperature settings, as well as the plates, do not heat unevenly. 

2. Types of plates

It is important to know what your hair type is and which type of hair straightener plates will suit them the best. Here are the types of plates and the hair types they’re suitable for:-

  • Frizzy and curly hair – Ceramic and Teflon Coated plates
  • Frizzy and fine hair – Solid ceramic plates
  • Dull and damaged hair – Tourmaline Ceramic coated plates

3. Design & the weight

Design of a straightener is what most people overlook. By design we do not mean the straightener has to be aesthetically appealing, instead, the straightener should have a decent grip on its handle. The straightener should be built ergonomically so that it forms a grip to the palms.

Apart from the design, weight is one of the most important factors people don’t often consider. If the straightener weights are a bit much, you won’t be able to use it for prolonged periods and your hands will start paining. However, if the hair straightener is light enough, it can be used comfortably for longer durations without causing strain to the hands. 

4. Warranty

Hair straighteners often stop working or become faulty after a few months. Hence it is important that the hair straightener you buy has a warranty period of around 1-2 years. Additionally, it is always recommended to buy a branded hair straightener. 

Top 5 Best Hair Straighteners in India 2019

By now, you’re capable enough to differentiate between a good hair straightener and a bad one comparing the factors. Let us now have a look at some of the best hair straighteners in 2019 in the Indian market that you can go for:

1. Philips HP8316/00

Philips, without a doubt, is the best and the most popular hair accessories brand in the Indian market. This company has been producing an array of quality hair straighteners since long and is continuing to do so. The HP8316/00 Philips is one of the best selling products on Amazon. Customers who have bought this product are completely satisfied and have given positive reviews. 

This is a beautifully designed hair straightener with two ceramic plates which are wide enough to straighten long or thick hair. In order to give the hair a shiny and glossy look, the plates are infused with keratin. The plates get heated evenly and take only 60 seconds for the heat up.  A constant temperature is maintained so as to prevent the hair from being damaged or burnt. 

The charged negative ions that the plates produce help in making the hair frizz-free. The cord is 1.8m long which is long enough even if the mirror isn’t close to a charging socket. The cord is equipped with a swivel cord technology which prevents the tangling of the cord making the straightener more flexible. 

This hair straightener can go upto 210-degree C of temperature. This temperature is more than enough to straighten thick or frizzy hair. For thin or fine hair, you should set the temperature to 17—180 degree C. This hair straightener comes with a 2-year warranty and a trust from Philips. The credibility of Philips and the amazing features of this straightener make it the best hair straightener in India as of 2019.  

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2. Panasonic EH-HW17P

Panasonic EH-HW17P is another great affordable hair straightener which is a combination of aesthetic looks and powerful performance. This hair straightener is one of the most compact hair straighteners in the market. Its compact size makes it easily portable and can be fit in a small bag or a purse. Additionally, it comes with a storage cap that can be put on the top of the straightener when you aren’t using it. 

This hair straightener has a maximum temperature limit of 200-degree C. For thin hair, around 17—180 degree C will do the job. However, if you’re gifted with thick hair, you’ll need around 190-200 degree C. Hence this straightener is suitable for all the hair types. Its variable temperature setting will prevent your hair from being overheated or harmed. There’s an auto-shutoff feature that shuts the straightener off when it overheats.

It comes with a 2-year brand warranty and excellent customer support team who are always ready to help in any hardware issue. It is available in three different colors; white, black and pink. The design is clean and the bright colors make it even more elegant. 

It has a cord of 1.8m in length equipped with swivel cord technology. This long cord makes it flexible and convenient to use even if the dressing mirror isn’t close to the socket board. Despite having a ton of great features, this straightener is available for an affordable price.   

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3. Philips HP8302

Philips HP8302 is another great hair straightener Philips at an affordable price. This straightener is equipped with a set of two ceramic plated which are wide and frictionless. The plates being frictionless makes it easy for the straightener to straighten the hair quickly without overheating or damaging them. The straightener comes with a silk pro care feature that takes care of the heating department and maintains a constant temperature.

 It is lighyweight, compact in size and takes only 60 seconds for the plates to be heated. The quick heating of the plates saves up time, power consumption as well as makes the hair shinny and glossy. It can be used as a straighener as well as a curler adding tin plates to it. The cord is 1.6m long and has a swivel cord technology through which the cord can be rotated in any direction conveniently. 

The maximum temperature that this product can reach is 210-degree C which is more than enough to straighten any hair type quickly. On top of all these features, this straightener comes with a 2-year warranty from a credible brand like Philips. The plates do not only help in straightening or curling your hair but also shines the hair. 

It is a powerful straightener with a power consumption of around 110-120V. On the downside, the pates being thin, takes from time to straighten long as well as thick hair. It is only suitable for people with small to medium sized hair as well as thin hair.  

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4. Nova NHS 860

Nova has made its name in the Indian market for manufacturing affordable electric appliances with great performance. The NHS 860 is yet another affordable hair straightener Nova. This straightener comes with ceramic coated plates which are sufficiently wide and can be used for straightening all the hair types including thick and long hairs too. 

The plates take only 30 seconds to get heated which makes it one of the fastest hair straightener in the market. Despite being so fast, the hair straighetener wouldn’t damage or overheat your hair as it is equipped with auto-shutoff feature. The maximum temperature that this straightener is capable of reaching is 220-degree C. This temperature will straighten your hair quickly no matter how thick, long or frizzy they are. 

You must be wondering why this product isn’t listed on the top despite having such exceptionally great features. This is because despite a lot of pros, this product has more than a couple of cons as well. Firstly, this hair straightener doesn’t come with a reliable warranty. On paper, the product has a 1-year warranty but it comes with a lot of terms and conditions. Secondly, the ceramic plates do not have a locking feature which most straighteners do. Lastly, after constant use for a few minutes, the body of the straightener starts heating up which makes it difficult to hold.  

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5. SYSKA HS6810

SYSKA HS6810 is an affordable alternative to all the hair straighteners listed above. If you’re looking for a budget friendly hair straightener and aren’t worried about the durability, the HS6810 Syska is what you should go for. Just like most straighteners, this product is equipped with two ceramic plates which take upto 60 seconds or even less to heat up. The plates are wide but aren’t wide enough to straighten extra long or thick hair easily.  

Its compact size and lightweight makes it easily portable. The design is clean and there’s a good grip on the handle for holding it conveniently for longer periods. This straightener has a power consumption of over 3 watts. The 1.8m long cord provides flexibility and the swivel cord technology lets you rotate the handle in any direction that you want to. 

This powerful straightener comes with an auto-shutoff feature to minimize damage and prevent overheating. Unlike the Nova NHS 860, the handle and plates are lockable. Coming to its drawback, the biggest downside in buying this straightener is its durability. The straightener does not have a great build-quality and hence must be used with care. Customers have reported it to not last for a long time which is one of the biggest reasons why we’ve listed it on the bottom.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for an affordable hair straightener and durability isn’t your topic of concern, SYSKA HS6810 is the best choice.  

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The above list of best hair straighteners in India 2019 is equipped with a variety of hair straighteners, both from the expensive as well as affordable segments. We’ve tried our best to not focus upon just once factor and instead take all the factors in concern. People looking for a durable straightener with brand credibility and warranty should go for either of the Philips hair straighteners. However, if you’re someone who’s looking for a cheap hair straightener that does the job efficiently but isn’t durable enough, SYSKA HS6810 is what you should go for. 

Your hair can make a huge impact on your overall look and a hair straightener will help you make the impact positive. Before you decide to buy a particular hair straightener, make sure you thoroughly read the factors we’ve mentioned above and taken them into notice. Summing it up, analyze what your requirements are, compare it with the factors and select the best hair straightener that matches the requirements and factors. It is true that hair straighteners damage your hair. However, buying a good straightener will minimize the damage and this is why buying the best hair straightener in 2019 is important. 

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