Best Hair Dryers in India 2019 | Buyer’s Guide

Your hair plays an important role in making the first impression either good or bad. Having properly groomed and frizz-free hair will leave a positive impact on your personality. However, if the hair is frizzy or messy, it won’t impress many people. That being said, in order to make your hair look good, you’ll definitely need the best hair dryer in India 2019.  Hearing the word hair dryer makes people conscious about the quality of their hair. A lot of people think that blow drying their hair will damage the hair, which is partly true. However, we’ve created a list of best hair dryers in the Indian market at present which will not only make your hair look good but will also preserve the quality of your hair.

But, before moving on to the list, let us first understand what makes a hair dryer good and the parameters you should look at before buying a hair dryer.

Factors to look at Before Buying a Hair Dryer

Buying a good hair dryer isn’t an easy task. There are multiple factors that you should look at before you go for a hair dryer. Some of the hair dryers might affect your hair quality or scalp whereas some might be overpriced. That being said let us look at some of the important factors you should look at while buying a hair dryer.

1. Wattage

Wattage is nothing but a unit of measuring the speed of motor. Higher the wattage of the hair dryer, faster is the motor and less is the time that the dryer will take to dry up your hair. On an average, a normal hair dryer is of upto 1000-1400 wattage. However, powerful hair dryers have a wattage of 1700-2000.

So if your hair is of normal thickness, an average hair dryer will do the job efficiently. However, if your hair is way too thick, it’ll require a hair dryer of higher wattage.

2. Warranty

Most hair dryers provide 1-2 years of warranty. The number can be less or more depending upon the brand. Hair dryers, like any other electric accessory, can get faulty or stop working. So it is important to buy a hair dryer with a warranty of atleast 1-2 years. Popular and credible brands often provide good warranty duration.

3. Types of hair dryer

  • Ceramic hair dryer – Suitable for dry hair
  • Ceramic hair dryer – Suitable for frizzy and thick hair
  • Tourmaline hair dryer – Suitable for frizzy and thick hair but are a bit expensive as compared to ceramic hair dryers

4. Weight of a dryer

In the long run, the weight of a hair dryer is extremely important to consider. If the hair dryer is heavy, you won’t be able to hold it for a long time or in different positions comfortably. Although heavier the dryer is, more powerful is the motor. So you’ll need to decide if the power of the motor is your priority or the weight of the dryer.

5. Price

Price is an important buying factor for a hair dryer or in that case for anything else in the world. Before buying a hair dryer, make sure that the dryer isn’t overpriced and is even worth the price or not. Hair dryers are available in a variety of cost segments from expensive to affordable to cheap. So analyze your budget and go for the right hair dryer.

Top 5 Best Hair Dryers in India 2019:

We’ve above mentioned some of the most important buying factors you should look at while buying a hair dryer. Let us now look at the list of best hair dryers 2019. Here’s the list:-

1. Havells HD3151

Hvells is a reputed brand that makes hair as well as household accessories. The Havells HD3151 is a feature-rich affordable hair dryer Havells. This dryer comes with a honeycomb inlet for drying the hair efficiently without tangling your hair. If the mirror in your house isn’t right near a socket, the 1.6m long cord will help you provide maximum flexibility.

This dryer is equipped with heat balancing technology that maintains the temperature of the heat coming from the dryer saving the hair from damage. It is powered with a 1200-watts motor which is more than enough for normal usage regularly. This dryer has a detachable nozzle which can be attached when you want the heat to be flowed in a particular direction and detached when you want the heat to cover maximum distance.

There are basically three temperature settings you can choose from; warm, hot and cool. The hot setting can be used for drying thick hair right after bathing. If your hair aren’t thick enough and are just fine, you can use the warm setting for drying them up. Lastly, once the hair is dried, you can use the cool setting of the dryer to style them.

This Havells hair dryer has great build quality and will last long. Additionally, there’s a 2-year warranty from the brand which can be made use of in case the dryer stop functioning properly.

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2. Philips HP8100/46

Philips is a well known brand that has been manufacturing quality hair dryers and other accessories since years. The Philips HP8100/46 Philips is one of the best hair dryers in India at the moment. It comes with a powerful motor of 1000 watts which aims to minimize power consumption. The design of the dryer is very ergonomic which makes it comfortable to hold for long.

This dryer is light-weight and wouldn’t cause pain to your hands even after holding it for long. There are two heat settings that this dryer comes with; low and high. For the find and dry hairs, low setting is suitable whereas for extremely thick hair, high setting should be turned or it’ll take forever to dry the hair.

The Thermo protect temperature setting makes it impossible to overheat or damage the hair. This setting makes sure that the heat produced is suitable for the hair and isn’t very high. It has an advanced concentrator technology through which heat can be concentrated or produced in a specific direction. On average, this hair dryer takes around 15 minutes to dry up the hair.

On the downside, this hair dryer does not blow cool air. This is the only reason why it isn’t ranked at the top. This dryer is available in only one color. So if you’re someone is choosy with colors and requires cool air for styling, this isn’t the dryer you should consider.

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3. Panasonic EH-ND21

Panasonic EH-ND21 is a light-weight, compact and good looking hair dryer available in multiple color options. This dryer is suitable for people having very thick or frizzy hair as it comes with a powerful 2000watt motor. This powerful motor dries up the hair quickly no matter how frizzy they are. It has hot as well as cool blow options for drying the hair as well as styling them.

There’s a detachable nozzle through which the heat can be concentrated to a particular direction for quick drying. The overheat protection mechanism of this hair dryer prevents the hair from getting damaged or overheated. The breeze mode produces warm air for drying the hair gently and slowly. If you think the powerful hot air will damage your hair, you can go for the warm air setting.

This hair dryer is a bit expensive than the top two dryers we’ve mentioned. However, it is more powerful as well as feature-rich than the above two. This hair dryer will make your hair frizz-free and shiny without going to a parlor.

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4. Wahl 5439-024

Wahl 5439-024 is one of the most powerful as well as popular hair dryers in the Indian market. This 2000 watt dryer will dry up your hair very quickly no matter how frizzy they are. Although the motor is very powerful, the dryer won’t overheat your hair or damage them. Additionally, you can use the cold shot setting after drying up your hair to minimize the damage to your hair as well as scalp.

This dryer comes with 3 speed settings as well as 2 heat settings to dry your hair in the speed and temperature you’re comfortable with. This dryer is comparatively a bit expensive one and if you’re on a tight budget, you shouldn’t be considering it. Although, if price isn’t a buying factor for you and all you want is the best performance and power, this is the best hair dryer in 2019 you can get your hands on.

This dryer is equipped with tourmaline technology which not only dries up your hair but also makes it shinny and smooth. The thermo protection feature of this hair dryer will protect your hair from being overheated. All in all, this is the best hair dryer in the market if you’re not tight on your budget.

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5. Vega VHDH-05

Vega is comparatively a newer brand but has been getting popularity and credibility in the Indian market rapidly. Vega hair dryers are known to provide the best price-to-performance ratio. If you’re looking for an affordable hair dryer, this is the dryer you should consider. However, if you’re comfortable with getting a hole in your pocket, you should skip this.

Apart from blow drying the hair, Vega VHDH-05 can also be used for styling the hair with its cool shots. The cool shots setting should only be used when your hair has been dried completely. If you use the cool shoots before your hair being dried properly, they might end up being tangled or messy.

This dryer has a diffused that is helpful in distributing the hot or cold air evenly or at a specific place in a particular direction. It has an overheat protection feature that shuts the dryer off in case of overheating. This feature will prevent your hair fossils or scalp from being damaged. The 1800-2000 watts powerful motor efficiently dries up the hair as well as helps in styling them.

The design is sleep and the handle has a comfortable grip which makes it convenient to hold for long. There’s a hanging loop at the back of this dryer through which the dryer can be stored or hanged anywhere in the house requiring a little space. On the downside, this hair dryer doesn’t come with any kind of warranty. We understand that warranty is an important aspect for hair dryers and this is the reasons why we’ve ranked it at the bottom. Additionally, the build quality isn’t that great which is quite obvious from the price tag that it comes with.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a cheap hair dryer in India and warranty isn’t a priority for you, you should consider this dryer. This is an affordable and powerful hair dryer that will do the job efficiently but should be handled with care.

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Buying a hair dryer is not as easy as it seems. There are multiple things and factors you should be considering before buying one. To make your task less daunting, we’ve created a list of best hair dryer in India 2019 along with a buying guide above. We haven’t targeted any single price segment or power and have instead included various different hair dryers in the list. These hair dryers can go from a few hundred rupees to a few thousand rupees.

If you want a powerful hair dryer and aren’t tight on the budget, Wahl 5439-024 is the one you should be considering. On the other hand, if you’re tight on budget and are looking for a cheap affordable hair dryer that just does the job efficiently, Vega VHDH-05 is what you should go for.

Everybody has different requirements and expectations from a hair dryer. We cannot decide the best hair dryer for you. It is up to you to analyze your requirements and budget, have a look at the guide and list we’ve mentioned above and decide which of the dryer will be best suited for you. Comment below and let us know which hair dryer according to you is the best.

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