Best Beard Trimmers for Men in India (2020) Under Rs. 1000

Beard has always been in the trend and will continue to remain. This is the reason why people have been looking for the best trimmers for men in India.  Some people are naturally gifted with great beard genes whereas the others struggle to grow a decent one. No matter how good or bad your beard is, it is essential to groom it every once in a while.  

Beard, if not trimmed or groomed properly, can have a negative impact on your personality rather than a positive one. To not end up having a negative impact, all you need is the best trimmer for men in India.

List of Best Trimmers In India Under Budget:

If you’re confused about which trimmer to buy, have a look at our list of best trimmers in India 2020. Here’s the list:-

1. Philips MG7715 – Recommened Beard Trimmer in India

Philips is the most popular brand when it comes to trimmers and other electronic hair accessories. The company has been in the market since long due to which the credibility has skyrocketed. Philips MG7715 is an all in one solution for trimming or shaving hair from any part of the body. Be it the beard, be it the nose, be it the head hair or even the hair in your ears, this trimmer can trim them all easily. 

With this trimmer, you get 13 different combs of different sizes having different uses. For the beard, there are 7 combs from 1-7 mm. For people with stubble or less beard hair, combs of 1-2mm will do the job. However, for trimming a proper beard, combs of 3-7mm can be used. After trimming the beard, you can remove the comb and give finishing to the beard edges with the metal trimmer.  

When a properly trimmed beard is combined with a groomed hairstyle, it’ll surely attract a lot of women. For trimming the head hair, there are three combs of 9mm, 12mm, and 16mm. Additionally, there are two combs of 3mm as well as 5mm which can be used for trimming hair from the rest of the body.  This Philips trimmer is equipped with a powerful battery which can give upto 120 hours of runtime on a single charge.

The trimmer takes around an hour to charge the battery completely. However, if the trimmer gets discharged while trimming the beard, you can do a quick charge of 5 minutes that’ll give the trimmer a runtime of 20 minutes.  Cleaning a trimmer is often a daunting task. However, all the parts of this trimmer can be cleaned easily without any hassle. All in all, Philips MG7715 is the best trimmer under 5000 in India that comes with over 13 combs, a powerful battery, and a 2 year warranty.  

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2. Panasonic ER 307  – Best in Price

If you’re not a fan of changing the combs over and over again, Panasonic ER 307 will impress you with its 13 lock-in settings. There are over 13 different comb settings that can be changed with one single comb. This trimmer is ergonomically built and has a comfortable design that fits the palm very well. It can trim the hair from any part of the body and of any sizes. 

There are different comb settings for different hair types and body parts. This helps in trimming the hair efficiently without much of a hassle. This trimmer isn’t as powerful as the Philips MG7715 and has a runtime of only 40 minutes upon one full charge. The trimmer takes over 10-12 hours to get charged completely. Although the trimmer isn’t that powerful but is great as per the price it comes for. 

The trimmer comes with a brush and lubricating oil that can be used once the trimming has completed. The cleaning procedure is extremely simple and all you’ll have to do is run the cleaning brush around the blades and splash some water. After the blade and the comb have been cleaned the brush, apply the lubricating oil for smooth trimming next time. 

The ER 307 is a bit heavy in terms of weight as compared to its competitors. This trimmer is long lasting and comes with a warranty of 2 years. It wouldn’t be fair if we compare this trimmer to Philips MG7715 as it’s is almost half the price. But, if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to the MG7715, this is the one you should consider.  

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3. Philips QT4001/15 

Philips QT4001/15 is another great trimmer Philips which has no become the best selling trimmer on Amazon. This trimmer deserves every inch of popularity that it currently has. It comes with a zoom wheel for changing the length settings. Unlike most trimmers, you won’t have to change the comb again and again and will just need to rotate the zoom wheel to a particular point. 

There are 10 lock-in settings from 1-10mm for different body parts, hair types and hair sizes. These lock-in length settings can be accessed through the rotating wheel. This trimmer is equipped with an ergonomic design which will easily fit the palm of your hand. The blade and the head of the trimmer are detachable and should be cleaned under a running tap after you’re done with the trim. 

This trimmer comes with a decent battery life which has a runtime of over 45 minutes upon one full charge. It takes around 10 hours to get charged completely. However, an hour of charge will give you a quick runtime of a few minutes to have a quick trim. It has an indicator which lights up when the port is connected to the charger as or when the trimmer has been charged to full.  It is an affordable trimmer and has a great price-to-performance ratio. 

The edges of the blades are rounded which will prevent you from getting any skin rashes or injuries. Additionally, the blades have self sharpening technology through which they rub against each other and maintain their sharpness for years. Summing it up, this trimmer Philips is a great affordable trimmer with the best price-to-performance ratio in the market.  

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4. Nova NHT-1071 

Nova is comparatively a new brand but is becoming popular in the market rapidly. Nova NHT-1071 is a well-built, ergonomically designed and an affordable trimmer at a steal price. It comes with a lift and trims technology which does not involve any wheel or changing of the combs. All you have to do to start trimming is left up the button that has been located in the middle of the trimmer. Once the button has been lifted, the trimmer will be turned on and the blades will be ready for trimming.

This trimmer has titanium blades for precise trimming. There are over 9 different length settings that this trimmer comes with. These length settings can be used to trim different parts of the body with different types and sizes of hair. This nova trimmer can be used cordlessly s well as with the cord connected to the trimmer. It has a turbocharge technology that makes it usable for 45 minutes upon one charge. This trimmer also supports USB charging.

This trimmer has a safety lock feature which will keep your kids safe from any mishap due to the trimmer. The blades are made up of titanium and should be used on the skin gently and without much of a pressure. Overall, this is a great budget-friendly trimmer at a steal price of Rs 649.  

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5. Havells BT6153C 

Havells is another popular grooming brand that most of you might have heard of. Havells BT6153C is a premium trimmer Havells with an affordable price tag and great features. This trimmer comes with 10 lock-in settings for different length options. Like most trimmers, this havells trimmer has comb settings from 1mm to 10mm for efficient use all over the body. This trimmer can be used while charging as well as cordlessly also. 

The LED indicator this trimmer is equipped with, lights up when it is connected to the charger or is charged to 100%. This trimmer is built to trim with precision and safety. The blades are sharp enough to give you a good trim but are safe enough to prevent your skin from getting any rashes. The blades are U-shaped which makes it easy to trim in any part of the body. 

The battery can last upto 50 minutes when charged to full. Although you can use the trimmer even while the charger is connected to the trimmer. The design is very ergonomic for a comfortable grip. The LED indicator turns red when the battery is about to discharge and green when the trimmer is being used. 

The build quality of the trimmer is premium which makes it long lasting. Additionally, there’s a 2 year warranty through which you can get the trimmer repaired for free if there’s some issue with it. The Li-ion battery takes just an hour to charge it completely giving the trimmer a runtime of over 50 minutes.  

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6. Philips Norelco 7200 

Philips Norelco 7200 is the best vacuum trimmer in India at the moment. However, the only reason why it isn’t listed on the top is because of the high price tag it comes with. This trimmer is available with a whopping price tag of Rs 9,000. Most people aren’t comfortable buying a trimmer of that high price. However, if you’re someone who can spend that much and has comfort as the only priority, you should definitely consider this trimmer. 

All of us hate cleaning the surface or basin after the trimming is done. However, with this trimmer, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the floor, the basin or your t-shirt. This is because this trimmer comes with vacuum technology. Due to its powerful motor and vacuum technology, the trimmer can suck all the hair within itself. Once you’re done with the trim, empty all the hair that has been sucked the trimmer. 

Most trimmers have 10-12 lock-in setting whereas this Philips trimmer comes with a 20 lock-in setting for precision trimming. It has a lift and trims technology which removes the hassle of changing the comb or rotating the wheel. For starting the trimmer, just left up the button provided in the center of the trimmer. 

This trimmer comes with a powerful battery and a quick charge technology for saving up your time. The blades are made up of titanium and have self sharpening technology which keeps the blades sharpened for years. With a great build material, ergonomic design and a 2 year warranty, this trimmer will surely last long enough to make it worth the price.  

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Selecting the best trimmer in 2020 is a daunting task as there are too many trimmers in the market these days. To make your job easier, we’ve created a list of best trimmers in India which has been mentioned above. In the above list, we’ve tried to include different price segments, trimmer types, as well as different brands and, haven’t focused upon just a single type or brand. 

The trimmers mentioned above can vary from affordable to expensive ones. However, it is upto you to decide what your budget is and what are your trimmer requirements. All of the trimmers mentioned coming with a warranty of 2 years and the credibility of the brand. This list is a one stop solution for best affordable trimmers as well as high end ones. 

Before buying any of these trimmers, make sure what your priority is. If your priority is battery and performance, you should go for MG7715 or Norelco 7200 Philips. However, if you’re tight on budget and are looking for a budget-friendly trimmer, you can check out Nova NHT-1071 or the Philips QT4001/15. Lastly, if you’re too lazy to clean the trimmer and your priority is comfort and ease, you should go for the trimmers Havells or Panasonic that we’ve mentioned above.  To analyze your requirements and budget, shortlist some trimmers and go for the one that suits your parameters the best. Comment below and let us know if you think there’s any trimmer that should’ve been mentioned but isn’t. 

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