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What does the Budget 2017 bring for Smart Cities?

The Indian Government’s much talked about Smart Cities initiative is hoping to get a boost, based on the upcoming Budget 2017-18 session. Key players are hoping added incentives can affect the development…


10 Movies that can tell us more about future of IoT

Connected cars, smart devices, smartwatches.… these have been part of our mainstream science fictions since the beginning of movies itself. And off course, most of what we see in real life is…

Learning Corner

Exploring IoT through a logistic company Use Case

Internet of Things (IoT) is much more than attaching sensors to things and controlling it through the internet. The concept of IoT holds long-term application capabilities as our day to day life is influenced by smart technologies and people are investing brains to make them a reality, which can only be accomplished by IoT.

Education Corner
Connected Industry IoT Summit, 11th Nov’16, New Delhi

Crux Center for Security Research and Events(CCSRE) is organizing “CONNECTED INDUSTRY IoT SUMMIT: THE FUTURE OF IoT IN INDUSTRY AND THE WORK PLACE” on 11th November, 2016 at, New Delhi.