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8 startups in India reshaping the wearable industry

We brings to you a list of top startup wearable companies in India that have been bringing striking innovations in the form of a wide range of products starting from a smartwatch,…

Interview: Santosh Kumar Patil, Founder and President at MiQasa Inc.

An alumnus from Osmania University, Santosh Kumar Patil has 14 years of experience within semiconductor industry, ranging from leading semiconductor organizations like AMD, Intel (Altera), Qualcomm, and TSMC to multiple other semiconductor…

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Security Technologies behind SSL

Since the early age, computers have been used to transmit confidential and sensitive messages. But, sometimes people intercept and use these messages for their gain. Therefore, to safeguard the important messages such…


Exploring IoT through a logistic company Use Case

Internet of Things (IoT) is much more than attaching sensors to things and controlling it through the internet. The concept of IoT holds long-term application capabilities as our day to day life is influenced by smart technologies and people are investing brains to make them a reality, which can only be accomplished by IoT.


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